In 2013 headlines read, Millard [Public Schools] bond issue is about more than just safe schools, and while true, it was a significant component. Security related projects accounted for $31.9 million of the $79.9 million passed. Throughout the process of implementing safeguards, questions surrounding background checks surfaced.

Employees are screened but what about the contractors coming into the schools? What are the standards of their backgrounds? What qualifies as a contractor? Research showed that many contractors perform substandard checks and in some cases may not be performing any checks at all, even when required by contractual agreement. Millard reached out to their current vendor providing screening from their employment and volunteer checks, One Source The Background Check Company.

OSCC Program improves school security

The team at Millard was surprised to learn that One Source already had an in the box solution. In 2011, One Source launched the One Source Certified Contractor™ program (OSCC).

“We recognized there was something missing in the background check industry and knew we could make a difference. I have 7 school age kids and I am a concerned parent,” stated Nick Jasa, CEO at One Source. He added, “We wanted a program that would service the organizations needing a consistently high quality background check without hindering on the rights of consumers – the contractors having to undergo the scrutinized background screening to gain access.”

The OSCC program does not serve as a “pre-employment” background screening, rather a rigorous comprehensive screening for site access. In other words, the applicant can still garner employment even after disqualification from OSCC. It simply means they are not able to gain access to participating OSCC sites, generally serving vulnerable populations and resources.

OSCC excludes individuals from having been recently convicted of certain misdemeanor and felony disqualifying crimes involving weapons, drugs, theft, violence and sexually based offenses or being listed as a registered sex offender. Participating sites and the contracting employer do not have to decipher the content of the background checks to verify work eligibility on a participating site. The interpreting and compliance is completed by One Source.

How it works

A green or red color notation indicates whether an employee “Meets Requirements” or “Does Not Meet Requirements.” A badge is one of the available services included in the program for contractors meeting requirements. When a contractor enters a participating building and checks in with security or the front office, they present a government-issued photo ID as well as their OSCC badge that can be read via a QR scanner. Immediately, security will know if the contractor has passed or failed and allowed site access.

In 2014, The One Source Certified Contractors program screened 2,044 employees/subcontractors requesting site access to OSCC participating sites. Of these 2,044 screened, 163 did not meet the requirements and were denied site access. Jim Sutfin, MPS Superintendent can attest that the program works as one of the tools available to strive for safer schools. Within just a few short months of implementing the program the initial reports showed the program stopped 8% of contractors wanting site access who would not be welcome under normal policy including one sex offender. It’s important to note that these are current employees that the companies presented as “already screened” and trying to gain site access.

Without an OSCC program in place, educational facilities have the burden of screening contractors wanting unsupervised access to their building. This exposes their teachers, staff, students and property to the unknown.

Participate today

Participation in the OSCC program is free, and there is no equipment to buy. To participate, school districts simply require and make policy that all visiting contractors provide active One Source Certified Contractors badges.

This ensures they have been checked to the highest of standards — the One Source standard. Along with Millard Public Schools, OSCC currently operates at several locations including other area school districts, churches, utilities districts and soon a well-known banking institution.

For more information about the OSCC program, please contact Chris Miller at One Source at 800.608.3645 ext. 6105 or OSCC@onesourcebackground.com.

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