One of our core products has experienced some changes! Applicant Verification Trace is now referred to as the Applicant History Trace (AHT) to better represent the information this search provides to clients. This specific search provides past addresses and names gathered from a variety of database sources as well as alerts if the social security number (SSN) is found on the Death Master Index Registry. We process the AHT before any other search to ensure we have the correct spelling of the applicant’s name and/or aliases entered.

We will occasionally add additional aliases and addresses associated with the trace to the report for supplemental searches, depending on your service agreement. With this, we use the issuance date provided to review the applicant’s date of birth for consistency. Keep in mind, the trace includes database information which often contains spelling errors and mistakes; therefore, we find the information is useful but should never be used to make adverse decisions.

One Source no longer lists an Applicant History Trace as valid or unable to validate. Instead, it will read “This search is for informational purposes only and cannot be used to make adverse decisions”. Though the product name and marking of the search will change, this does not affect the usability of this product.

One Source offers additional products to further verify an applicant’s social security number as the address history trace will not. Please look back at some of our previous posts on E-Verify and Consent Based Social Security Verification (CBSV) as well as a comparison of the two products.

Interested in learning more about adding additional names and addresses found in the trace, or confirming what you are receiving, please contact our Client Relations Team.

For a full description of the change, refer to our notice sent February 18, 2019. View notice.

Confused by these products?. Have questions or want to learn more? We invite you to attend our webinar on March 26th. Register for AHT, CBSV, and E-Verify, oh my!

Ashley Azar

With over 9 years in the background screening industry, Ashley works with One Source clients to meet their specific needs and expectations. Having worked in several different departments, Ashley has vast experience in all of the services that One Source offers. This experience helps ensure clients are meeting their hiring and retention needs. With each association, the challenge of onboarding and policy excites Ashley.