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County Criminal (Statewide if Available)

Regardless of whatever is currently “trending” in criminal background check services, county court checks are the only method to capture the most complete “picture” of your applicant’s possible criminal past. Misdemeanors such as DUI’s, Assault, Shoplifting and a host of many others fall under the radar of checks going through National or Felony State-wide webs.

One Source offers a proprietary criminal background check product that utilizes processes and networks developed over many years of field research in the background and investigative sectors. Besides using the latest technology and software to retrieve information, our staff will personally review every record to insure the accuracy of the report resulting in unmatched turnaround time.

The One Source County Criminal Statewide If Available search includes inquiries into all county courts within the state, where available. Statewide searches are utilized ONLY if the quality of search is comparable to searches placed on the County level and no searches are driven from databases.

Our team is passionate about providing organizations with the rigorous background check services that they need to succeed. We have the skill, systems and attention to detail needed to give a complete picture through our criminal background check services.

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