3 A La Carte Services ​​​​to Improve Your Hiring in 2023

With 2022 coming to a close and 2023 on the horizon, now is a great time to improve your onboarding process. Staying up to date on your hiring practices is essential for a good applicant experience and compliance. Our a la carte services can enhance and streamline your onboarding process, offering customization for screening tailored to your organization’s needs. We’re highlighting three a la carte services to improve your hiring process for 2023.

Social Media Records Social media has drastically changed our society since its beginning. Over half the global population uses some form of social media, and not all use their platforms wisely. Social media screening can identify an applicant’s online presence through technology and expert human analytics. The content on an applicant’s profile will be reviewed and flagged for workplace safety issues or racism/intolerance, violence, potentially illegal activity, or sexually explicit activity. This helpful screening tool helps prevent possible harm to other team members by reducing the risk of hiring those who don’t align with your core values.

Electronic Reference Checks Who better to ask about a potential candidate than a previous employer or someone who has worked closely with your applicant? References are vital resources for learning more about applicants’ work history, how they work with others, and their performance – things you might not find out just through a resume or interview. Electronic reference checks assist in getting to know applicants based on pre-defined or customized questions, all via email or text. And it’s fast and seamless with our automated process. Once the reference has answered the questions, the results are returned as a complete report linked to the background check, saving your internal hiring team time with the hassle of tracking references down to talk.

E-Verify Authorization to work in the United States is another essential piece to hiring. A web-based option that allows employers to verify this information fast and easily in conjunction with their background report streamlines your screening process. Administered by the Department of Homeland Security, E-Verify compares I-9 Form information to records available to the Social Security Administration and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. All federal contractors require E-Verify, and some state and publicly-funded organizations, so why not let your screening provider take care of it for you?

As 2023 is fast approaching, ensure you are prepared to bring new members to your team. To see a list of a la carte services, click here.

Please contact our Client Relations Team to learn more about additional services and how they can improve your onboarding process.